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Stroke Care Unit (SCU)
Stroke Care Unit (SCU) of Razi hospital

Stroke Care Unit (SCU):


This ward is an intensive care unit for patients who have some type of stroke, (code 724). Patients who show the signs of CVA, stroke, (code 724) in primary stages receive alteplase as their medication and they need intensive care; so, they are hospitalized in this ward. This ward is located in the second floor of the hospital building opposite to the operating room. There are 9 beds and each bed has a separate air hospital bed, electric hospital bed, monitoring system, suction device andcentral oxygen system.

Available Equipment in this Ward:

  • Electroshock device

  • ECG monitor

  • Syringe pump

  • 6 fire extinguishers


    4 ventilator

  • three big oxygen capsules with wet and dry manometer

  • medical stretcher

  • Wheelchair

  • Electric hospital bed

  • Air hospital bed

  • Suction device for each unit

  • Tympanogram

  • Glucometer

  • Separate monitoring system for each unit

  • Central monitoring system

  • Infusion pump

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