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Open-Cardiac Surgical Operating Room
Open-Cardiac Surgical Operating Room of Razi hospital

Open-Cardiac Surgical Operating Room:


Cardiac surgical operating room in Razi Hospital was opened since 2007; many surgeons cooperated with this hospital using equipment and facilities for monitoring patients. Since 2007, 1521 patients had a surgical procedure and the most common diseases are coronary artery diseases which is approximately 90.50%, valves disease are 14.52% and other types of heart diseases are 35.37%. Needed surgical procedures for rare form of heart diseases and high risk ones, were performed by skilled surgeons of the hospital. The patients who were coming from other cities, came back to their home city safe and healthy.
Patients in this ward need different types of surgical procedures. The morbidity rate of cardiac surgeries in this center (infection, kidney problems, post-surgery problems and so on) is less than 3 percent which in comparison to statistical center around the world, this center has an acceptable standard.
Total morbidity rate in this setting is almost 1 percent and comparing to other countries rate and considering that patients are at high risk, this number is significant and valuable.

Available Equipment in this Ward :

  • Anintra-aortic balloon pump, orIABP: In this method, a cylindrical balloon is inserted into descending aorta through the femoralartery and then it is inflated after the contractions of atrial systole in the left ventricle and during the closure of the aortic valve; so, thecoronary artery perfusion is increased in size and as a result, it will decrease the oxygen supply.

  • Counterpulsation: IABP device uses this mechanism to improve circulation and lower pressure on cardiac. The gas used in this balloon is carbon dioxide (which reduces the risk of bursting) or helium (which has the most capability to release).

  • Heart-Lung Machine: Heart-lung machine does the work of both the heart and the lungs such as circulation, oxygenating blood. It is a temporary alternative for pulmonary circulation. This device is used for open-heart surgeries, including implant of coronary artery bypass, and also replacing different heart valves. These surgeries need bloodless surgery techniques.In some cases, cardiopulmonary bypass is used to provide extracorporealmembrane oxygenation for patients with sleep apnea Syndrome or shortness of breath which is the result of pneumoniaor smoke inhalation.

  • ABG Device: An arterial-blood gas test, called ABG in medical sciences, is a kind of test that measures the amounts of oxygen pressure and also blood PH level based on a blood sample collected from radial artery. Unlike most blood tests that blood sample is collected from vein, this blood sample is collected from an artery. In this test, blood oxygen is measured; oxygen molecules are carried from lung to body tissues, carbon dioxide which is produced by body cell (during metabolism) is also transferred to lungs, kidney and liver. Sample is obtained by using a special narrow needle and it should be collected by a doctor or a skilled nurse. Blood sample is usually collected from radial artery in wrist.

  • ACT Device: In open-heart surgery for cardiopulmonary bypass, surely blood clotting will occur because blood is in contact with an external system, so heparin is given by injection right before surgery. Screening test is used to determine injected heparin effectiveness which is called Activated Clotting Time (ACT).

  • Ablation device: This device is used in patients with AF (an irregular and often rapid heart rate) or those who have problems in their mitral valve.

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