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Cardiovascular surgery and post angiogram care ward
Cardiovascular surgery and post angiogram care ward of Razi hospital

Cardiovascular surgery and post angiogram care ward


To provide diagnosis, treatment and surgery services for patients with a history of heart problems, this ward has started its activity under the supervision of specialists since January 2018. This ward has an area of 350 square meters, with 24 beds; 4 VIP rooms with one bed in each room, two rooms with two beds in each one, and three rooms with 4 beds in each one. All rooms in this ward are equipped with necessary facilities including medical capsules (oxygen and central suction equipment), nurse call system, refrigerator, television, patient's closet, an extra closet for patient carer. This ward has four private rooms which provides a separate bathroom, rollaway beds for used by patient carer to rest and an ECG monitor. Beside the above mentioned facilities, for patients, there is a room which is located on the left side of the first floor to have their echocardiogram.

Installed Equipment in the Ward

  • 10 bed-side monitoring system

  • 2 central monitors

  • Syringe pump and Infusion pump used for injecting serum

  • Portable suction and central suction

  • Central oxygen supply system

  • Electroshock therapy device and electrocardiograph

  • Ophthalmoscope device

  • Isolation Room: this room is designed to be isolated from other rooms. It has separate bathroom and it is equipped according to the recent instructions.

  • Otoscope medical device

  • Glucometer

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