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Therapy Departments

Operating Room Unit


This unit includes seven operating rooms having all facilities and now, neurosurgeries, general surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, orology surgeries, oral and maxillofacial surgeries, reconstructive surgeries are all performed in this unit. In the near future, eye surgeries and ERCP will be performed too. 


Operating rooms are equipped with modern facilities and surgical devices including advanced systems for endoscopy, nero-endoscopy, Urethroscopy, different types of laparoscopy, two CARM devices, advanced microscopes, neurosurgeries, ERCP device, advanced eye surgery microscope, adjustable electric hospital beds enabling the entire bed to be adjusted in different positions, advanced surgical lights modern anesthesia machine. Full monitoring is done by using medical equipment and video endoscope and it uses cutting-edge technologies from the world. 


Introduction to Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


Intensive care unit is a department that caters patients with severe and life threatening factors like diabetic, high blood pressure and old-age after their surgeries. ICU in this hospital is equipped with all facilities including ventilator, 24-hours Holter monitoring devices, 12 specialty hospital beds and it is equipped with cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment.These facilities and equipment are utilized to provide optimal post-surgery care and recovery in the first days after surgery.


Each bed in ICU is separated from the next bed by hospital anti-bacterial curtains.
There is a DVT pump for those patients that are at risk of blood clotting in organs.
There are two isolation rooms that are equipped with full medical facilities according to hospital standards.
Closed-circuit television are provided for patients' families and friends to visit their patients because hospitals deny visitors from visiting their patients hospitalized in ICU.

Neurosurgical Ward


This ward aims to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with problems in brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, under supervision of neurosurgeons and doctors specialized in different trends of neurosurgery.
The neurosurgical ward has 22 beds and four VIP rooms equipped all facilities for satisfaction of patients and those who accompany them.

Accident and Emergency Department


Vital and important part of medical treatment includes medical emergencies. Car accidents, accident during work,poisoning, injuries during physical fights and other dangerous conditions caused by diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome, are the most important causes of emergency situations.The difference between life and death often depends on the speed and efficiency of emergency care services.

Department Units

  1. Treatment Unit: this unit includes eight beds for serum therapy and a bed to get electrocardiogram.

  2.  CPR room: this unit have three beds equipped with cardiopulmonary resuscitation facilities including monitoring system, ventilator, suction, and central oxygen system, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) devicesand ….

  3.  Triage Unit: this unit is equipped with two examination tables, oxygen system, central suction system, and a monitoring system.

  4.  Emergency Unit: this unit includes nine hospital beds equipped with monitoring system. Modern monitors installed next to each bed can record all signals in standard 12 lead ECG that include blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and function of the heart's electrical system.

  5.  Women's Unit: this unit includes nine beds and five beds have bedside monitoring system.

  6.  Men's Unit: this unit includes nine beds and five beds have bedside monitoring system.

  7.  Isolation Room: this room is separated from other rooms and it has a separate bathroom. It is equipped according to the latest instructions.

  8. Operating Room

  9. Equipment Room

  10. Classrooms

Orology Ward


Orology ward in this hospital aims to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with problems in urinary tract, and this ward operate under supervision of urologists and doctors specialized in this field.
This ward includes six rooms and eleven hospital beds (including one isolation room, two VIP rooms with one bed in each room, two room with three beds in each one, and a room with four beds). Up to 22 beds can be added to this ward. All rooms are equipped with all the necessary facilities required for satisfaction of patients and their accompanies. Except for hospitalizing rooms, there is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) which is the first and only unit in South Khorasan and provide services to patients with problems such as urinary tract stones.

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