Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Operating Room of Valiasr Hospital

The hospital operating room suite consists of:

  • two gynecological operating rooms,
  • a cardiac operating room,
  • two ophthalmic operating rooms
  • two ENT operating rooms,
which totally have 7 beds active 24 hours a day. There are usually 2 anesthesiology residents present.

All types of specialized and subspecialized cardiac surgery and eye surgery (corneal and retinal transplantation) services are provided.

There are two cardiac surgery subspecialists, 3 ophthalmic surgery subspecialists, 6 ENT specialists and surgeons, 8 ophthalmic surgery specialists and surgeons, 8 gynecology specialists and surgeons, and 5 anesthesiology specialists (1 subspecialist). This hospital provides bronchoscopy, oesophagoscopy, and sinuscopy (sinus subspecialist) services and is ready for performing general surgeries round the clock.

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