Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Imam-Reza Hospital

Hospital Introduction:

With a history of 75 years, Imam Reza Educational and Treatment Center is considered as the oldest medical treatment center in Southern Khorasan Province, eastern Iran.

The Hospital has currently 219 active beds and a trauma and surgery center. The neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery and cosmetic surgery wards are among the main surgical wards of this hospital, providing the potential for admission of patients from other cities and provinces as well as the neighboring countries, especially in the neurosurgery ward.

In addition to benefiting from well-equipped operative rooms and experienced personnel in surgical wards, Imam Reza Hospital also admits local and international patients in the burns ward as well as the psychiatry, toxicology and emergency wards. Availability of paraclinical departments such as clinical diagnostic laboratories, ultrasonography and radiology departments with the latest MRI and CT scan devices, along with physiotherapy services, has greatly enhanced the quality of patient service.

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