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Joint COVID-19 Webinars 2020/11/15
test 2020/08/05
In a rare surgery which took place in two phases and took a couple of hours, a huge Brain Hydatid Cyst was completely removed for the patient's brain. 2020/02/09
The First Awake Brain Surgery Was Performed in Razi Hospital, Birjand 2019/12/11
The First Kyphoplasty Surgery (injecting bone cement into vertebral body) Has Been Performed in South Khorasan Province 2019/11/12
Performing a Microsurgery on a Rare Brain Tumor (fourth ventricle) on an Afghan Young Man 2019/10/23
Making the First Sightseeing Tour and Visiting Holy Shrine Arranged for International Students of Birjand University of Medical Sciences 2019/09/18
Sixteenth National Convention of Central Library's Heads at Universities of Medical Sciences Was Held 2019/06/23
Laser Discectomy was Performed in South Khorasan for the First Time 2019/04/20
In the Gathering with Presidents and Vice-chancellers of Iran's North-East Universities, Dr. Abedi Described Actions done in Birjand University of Medical Sciences based on Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Plan 2019/04/20
Describing the University Educational Achievements by the Chancellor of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in a Gathering with Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of Iran's North-East Universities 2019/04/20
Afghanistan educational interaction and cultural collaboration is the University's policy 2018/11/28
An Afghan Student has finished his study in supplementary education in Medical Sciences 2018/09/24
A Special Interview with University Director of International Affairs 2018/09/26
Performing a Successful Surgery Colorectal cancer 2018/06/03
Removing a massive tumor located in the patients leg by Dr. Qahemi and his team of surgeons 2018/04/28
Dr. Kazemi noted: "Sustainable health depends on changing life style and teaching children to live healthy". 2018/04/28
Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) - Razi Hospital 2018/02/04
Establishment of the Laboratory of Using Virtual Reality Technology in Teaching Medical Sciences, Birjand University of Medical Science 2018/02/04
For the First Time in Razi Hospital, Birjand, a Computer-aided Maxillofacial Surgery Using Simulation Technique Performed 2018/01/20
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