Friday, June 5, 2020
Statistics Office

About Statistics Office

By considering that the first step in any inquiry is to collect data, in its first years of its establishment, Statistics Office of the medical university of Birjand set a goal which is defined as organizing the circulation statistics and creating record system. In this regard, hospital forms are moderated and optimized by choosing current hospital forms that are substituted the available ones. After designing the new forms, software that are suitable for producing data and indicators were used.

Being in the process used by Statistics Office, it assures using record system at the university and organizes data which leads to increase rate of the Statistics Office among other type-two medical universities to five that was already eleven.

Statistics Office Services

  1. Statistical Automation System of the University: The acts of providing all items and statistical forms that are requested by units and also management of users in Farabar (Statistical Automation System) are done by experts in this office.
  2. Providing Statistics and Statistical Indicators: According to Medical University of Birjand approval of policies, Statistics and Information Technology unit is responsible for organizing, coordinating and supervision of data collection and this units provides statistical analysis to the university. This unit also works as the crucial center of statistics and information in the university; this unit is responsible to provide statistical information during the year for organizations that send their formal written request to automation system of the university when the request is registered.
  3. Holding Training Courses:The Statistics Office is responsible for holding training courses for staffs.
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