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Units of ValiAsr Hospital

The other units and departments of Vali-e Asr Hospital are as follows:

  • EEG Unit:The evaluation of the electrical activity of the brain is conducted by an EEG nurse under the supervision of a neurologist who reports the results.

  • Spirometry Unit

  • Adult and Pediatric ECG Unit

  • FNA Unit:Thyroid sampling is performed by endocrinology subspecialists in order for examination and diagnosis of the thyroid gland.

  • Intra-articular Injection Unit:Intra-articular injection is performed for patients by the rheumatology subspecialist.

  • Subspecialized Eye Clinic

    • ROP: examination of retinopathy of premature infants by ophthalmology specialists and subspecialists

    • OCT: capturing an image of the bottom of the eye

    • Fundus: capturing an image of the retina

    •  Eye angiography: capturing an image of the retinal arteries, using an indicator

    •  Optometry: eye pressure and vision are checked; lens determination and perimetry are conducted by optometrists

  • Audiometry Unit

  • Special diseases Unit

    •  Hemophilia: periodic visit of the patients by the specialist and prescribing the required factor which is injected by the nurse, and compiling a file for new patients and registration in the system

    • PKU: periodic visit of the patients by the specialist; nutrition counseling and registration in the system

  • Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Units

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