Saturday, September 21, 2019
Morning Clinic and Special Evening Clinic

  Morning Clinic and Special Evening Clinic

  • ENT Clinic

  • Neurology Clinic

  • Eye Clinic

  • Women's Clinic

  • Internal Medicine Clinic

  • Skin Clinic

  • Nutrition Clinic

  • Infectious Disease Clinic

  • Pediatric Clinic

  • Adult Gastroenterology Subspecialist

  • Adult Endocrinology Subspecialist

  • Adult Nephrology Subspecialist

  • Pediatric Nephrology Subspecialist

  • Pulmonology Subspecialist

  • Adult Cardiology Subspecialist

  • Pediatric Cardiology Subspecialist

  • Neonatal Subspecialist

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology Subspecialist

  • Neurointervention Fellowship

  • Cornea Subspecialist

  • Retina Subspecialist

  • Pulmonology Subspecialist

  • Rheumatology Subspecialist

  • Cardiac Surgeon

Valiasr Hospital has specialized and subspecialized clinics which offer the following paraclinical services:
  • TCD brain echo: Examination of the blood vessels to the brain

  • NCV, EMG : Examination of the peripheral nervous system and muscular problems

  • VEP:Examination of the eye nerves

All of the above-mentioned services are conducted by a neurologist assisted by a nurse. 
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